The Mojito Machine

The Ape A.K.A The 'Tuk-Tuk'

The Ape otherwise known as the  ‘Tuk-Tuk’, which was produced at the end of WWII to power Italy’s economical reconstruction. With first production in 1948 it is still produced to this very day. The Mojito Machine is a converted 1997 Piaggio Ape 50cc.

The Styling

Although with strong Italian roots, the Mojito Machine painted in old English white, brings a slice of British elegance whilst boasting a Cuban style Mojito bar at the rear of the vehicle.

A Taste of The Mojito Machine

Using the finest Bacardi rums with many different flavours to choose from, we pride our self in making a great Mojito! The drinks don’t stop at Mojitos! We also have a wide range of cocktails and spirits to please everybody’s pallet along with a selection of beers and ciders.

The Machines Other Beverages

The side of the Mojito Machine boasts 2 glossy fridges to fill with a selection of our beverages from our French Cidres & Wines to locally brewed craft beers and not to mention Thailand's best selling beer Chang Beer

 ( Please see Drinks Menu for our full list of drinks  ) 

Squeezed next to the fridges is a hand carved wooden display for our homemade signature drinks such as Sangria, dispensed by the glass this is great for parties and weddings as a quick refreshing drink.